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Dalit prashansa

Prashansa medium candle

£10.99Product code: CA6870

This delightful pot with a varnished rim comes in a quality, branded tube gift-box. The candle, made of blended beeswax, is lavender-scented with a hint of vanilla.

Approx. burn time: 30 hours

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Candle 5.5cm x 7cm
Product code: CA6870.


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For the Dalits, also known as untouchables, opportunities in life are extremely limited with bonded labour and malnutrition common amongst children. These beautiful candle pots are hand crafted in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai by skilled Dalit potters. This work is reserved for the low caste as anything associated with the earth is considered lowly employment under the caste system of India. The pots are filled with blended beeswax and combine Eastern skill with Western design to make a great gift. Profits support schools and children’s homes for the poor.

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