Our Suppliers’ Stories – Taybeh

Taybeh Brewing Company is a family-run Palestinian brewery founded in 1994. Located in the West Bank village of Taybeh, 35 kilometres (22 miles) north of Jerusalem, it was the first micro-brewery in the Middle East.

The Khoury family’s goal was to invest in and improve the local economy by introducing new kinds of natural, hand-crafted beer according to German Purity Law with no additives or preservatives, making an exceptional Palestinian beer while creating a nationalistic feeling.

Nadim Khoury began brewing his own beer in his dorms as a college student and then took up formal studies in brewing at UC Davis in California. He later passed on his expertise and passion to his daughter, Madees Khoury, the only female brewer in Palestine.

There are five different varieties of Taybeh beer: Golden, Light, Amber, Dark and White. In 2007, a new non-alcoholic variety was launched specifically for the local Palestinian Muslim market.

Taybeh’s vision is to be the top-performing beverage company in the Middle East and their mission is to produce premium high-quality, hand-crafted beer contributing to the Palestinian economy and elevating tourism.

At Fair Trader, we stock three Taybeh beers – Dark, Golden and Amber. Why not try one?

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