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31-year-old Jonathan Stead is the founder (and maker/designer/photographer/marketer!) of Sheffield-based Our Tiny Bees. His mission is to create natural, beautiful bee products and to educate both adults and children about bees.

Jonathan has his own small hive and works with many small-scale British beekeepers who operate in a sustainable way. This means that the keepers are dedicated to preserving and increasing bee numbers, which has a positive effect on UK pollination.

Honey has natural anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties that protect the skin and support its ability to rejuvenate and refresh. Historically, honey was used as a wound dressing to promote healing and prevent infection.

Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which softens and rehydrates skin and promotes cell growth. It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Beeswax in products acts as a sealant, so is a perfect component of lip balm and hand balm. The beeswax in Our Tiny Bees candles is long-burning and bright.

The company’s products are made from 100% British beeswax and honey, blended with nut oils and butters, fruit powders, seed and essential oils. They are sustainable, naturally effective and support British bee keepers. All the products, which include balms, salves, bath melts, body scrubs, face masks and candles, are 100% natural, with no added chemicals or synthetic ingredients – perfect for sensitive skin.

Jonathan is determined to grow the business in an organic, realistic way. His expertise has been featured on BBC’s CBeebies channel, but he turned down an opportunity to appear on Dragon’s Den, as he has no wish to build a vast empire. He is happy to work with small organisations such as Fair Trader, who believe in his products and share his values.


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