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Nila Rubia follows a family line of traditional textile artists in Rajasthan, India. The art of hand block printing and supporting a small cottage textile industry is the main focus of Nila Rubia. Restoring ancient block print designs from Mughal ancestry and reviving the traditions are all a huge part of the designing process. Each Nila Rubia piece is completely unique and ethically hand-crafted. Keeping these traditional arts and crafts alive helps to sustain artisan skills passed down through generations, reminding us of the cultural and historical link in the making, this is the heart of our Nila Rubia creations.


This is an incredible ancient printing tradition dating back to the 12th century but is still widely used and appreciated today. These skills are passed down through the generations and the designs used in the printing specifically relate to a certain place and time when they were created.
Our designs are hand carved onto wooden blocks and then printed by hand to give a wonderful home-spun finish to the printed fabric.


A stunning traditional Rajasthani dyeing method which is very similar to the bandani and shibori technique known as tie and dye. The cloth is twisted and tied according to the required design and then dyed in the chosen colour to achieve the classic stripe detail. A very famous technique that is traditional in Rajasthan.


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