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Latte Art Barista Training

Dark Woods Coffee was born in 2014 on the weather-beaten moors on the outskirts of Huddersfield, when three locals with a passion for coffee brought their unique skills together.

Damian worked for a large, well-respected company, in charge of roasting coffee for some of the most prestigious accounts in the country. In the same village, Paul ran Coffee Community, providing barista training and consultancy to some of the biggest coffee brands worldwide. Meantime Ian, in the next village, was fighting the corner for the coffee farmers, running a number of charities and ethical companies. Having all worked with some of the finest coffees around, they felt it was time to get together and bring their expertise – and fine coffees – to their local area.

Damien, Ian and Paul created their combined roastery, barista training centre and café in a beautiful refurbished mill by the canal near Marsden, a few miles from our Holmfirth shop, where they craft roast a seasonal range of products from espresso coffee beans to decaffeinated and classic all-day filter coffees and characterful single-origin coffees from their trusted farms, estates and smallholder producers across the Tropics. All the coffee beans are imported on fair trade terms and include Indian, Brazilian, Sumatran, Columbian, Peruvian, Bolivian, and Tanzanian.

The company is committed to minimising its environmental footprint. 650 solar panels on the mill roof provide electricity and there are plans to install a woodburner to provide heating which will consume old wooden pallets and other waste generated on the adjoining industrial estate. A cyclone removes chaff released from the beans during roasting and this is used for composting by a local permaculture unit.

Along with providing fine coffees and associated support for the wholesale and retail trades, Damien, Ian and Paul present a whole host of events at the Dark Woods Coffee Mill, including open days and tastings, food and drink presentations, music, art and literature events, often with a local and Yorkshire twist.

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