A new blog for Fair Trader

December 19, 2014 / FairTrader


Welcome to Fair Trader's brand new blog!

As part of the launch of Fair Trader's new website ( and webshop ( we have also launched a new blog.

This new blog will provide, in keeping with our motto, a 'journey of discovery' into the world of fair trade and cooperative movements, providing up-to-date posts on:

  1. The latest product launches at Fair Trader
  2. Background information on our new suppliers
  3. Latest developments in the cooperative community
  4. Information on upcoming events at Fair Trader
  5. Insights into the world of fair and ethical trading

If you are in need of any information from Fair Trader's old blog it can still be accessed at, however several articles will be transferred across to the new blog in due course.

The next blog will outline the basic principles and ethos of Fair Trader and the global fair trade movement as a whole.


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