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Floral Summer Scarf

Floral Print Scarf

£6.50Product code: CA5877

Perfect for summer, this 50% cotton 50% viscose lightweight scarf was r.r.p. £10 but is on special offer at £6.50.

50 x 180cm, 80gms
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These fairly traded scarves are designed and imported by York-based Sheela and Chris Adby. They work in close partnership with the Bihari Weaving Co-operative in Bhagalpur. Bihar is one of the poorest states in India, with high child mortality, low life expectancy and low literacy levels. The strength of the 122 family co-operative members has helped it to survive in this challenging state.

The co-operative was founded in 1978 with the aim of giving its members a sound business structure and a reliable income. From a base of no export, with the help of Sheela and Chris Adby, it now exports to 18 countries.

Weaving is done by 50% handloom, 50% power loom. Different households specialise in different aspects eg. dyeing, weaving, finishing, tasselling.

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